Ray Charles, Man and Music

RAY CHARLES MAN AND MUSIC“The brass section leaders sat in the center of each row. Each section followed its leader, but the trombone and sax leaders followed the first trumpet, who, from his high seat, set the breathing, phrasing, and dynamics for all the brass. The first trumpeter, in turn, followed the drummer. ‘The drummer and the lead trumpet must be one,’ recalled Horowitz from his experience at the post. ‘When this happens, the horns harmonize the rhythm, and you get the drive and precision that make a big band great.’”

– Michael Lydon

See Ya’ Up There, Baby – The Jimmy Wakely Story

JIMMY WAKELY BIO BY LINDA WAKELY“Through the years, our stage show proved to be a training ground for many young musicians. Our youngest was trumpet player, Tony Horowitz, who was affectionately known as “Captain Tootsie Roll.” The night Tony graduated Granada Hills High School, his parents accepted his diploma while he performed in the Jimmy Wakely show at Harrah’s Club, Lake Tahoe. Tony changed his name to Tony Roberts, and after three years, he left our show to hire on as lead trumpet player for Ray Charles.”

– Linda Lee Wakely