Paz Y Amor


“Paz Y Amor” is Tony's debut recording for Rhombus Records. All songs were composed by Tony and features his gorgeous trumpet and flugelhorn playing in a unique jazz style.

“Imagine driving through an incredibly beautiful European countryside with your mate next to you, the top down on your little sports car… Tony Horowitz”

This amply describes his CD, just put it on and enjoy the groove, coming to a radio station near you.

  1. Warm Breezes Tony Horowitz 0:26
  2. The Seventh Night Tony Horowitz 0:14
  3. Tomorrow Tony Horowitz 0:34
  4. Driving Along Tony Horowitz 0:27
  5. I Want You Now Tony Horowitz 0:32
  6. Paz Y Amor Tony Horowitz 0:34
  7. Cote D Azur Tony Horowitz 0:37
  8. Roxford Tony Horowitz 0:31
  9. Next To You Tony Horowitz 0:31
  10. Mombasa Tony Horowitz 0:23
  11. Top Down Breeze Tony Horowitz 0:52
  12. Venezia Tony Horowitz 0:39
“Any CD released by Tony should be part of your collection”

Jay Graydon

“Tony is a true virtuoso of the Trumpet”

Bill Ross

“One might listen to Paz Y Amor while surfing the web, driving, sightseeing, or perhaps making love”

Rik Howard

“Paz Y Amor amply displays both Tony’s artistry as a player and his talent as a songwriter”

Artie Langston

“With this program of original songs, trumpeter Tony Horowitz paints a smooth jazz landscape that comes with a built-in Latin background and deeply felt emotions. He surrounds himself with electric bass, keyboards, synthesizers, the Flörsheim Consort and a laid-back drummer while he takes a stroll along melody lane. Lyrical in his approach, Horowitz partners with flautist Torsten Kamps, and acoustic guitarist Dieter Kociemba, to deliver a gentle excursion.

Horowitz, who paid his dues with the bands of Ray Charles, Louis Prima, and Lou Rawls, lived in Hollywood for many years as a studio musician who racked up credits on television, film soundtracks and popular recordings. His open trumpet on “Paz Y Amor” demonstrates the heart that goes into his work. It’s a lovely Spanish ballad that everyone can fall in love with at first hearing. Similarly, “Côte D’Azur” provides a lovely ballad setting that’s rich and comfortable with its acoustic guitar and flute partnerships.

With multi-tracked trumpets exploring sonorous harmonic patterns, “Tomorrow” sizzles in the sunshine of a warm spring afternoon. “Driving Along” features the leader’s horn in an animated trek, while “Top Down Breeze” lets the band relax to a serene landscape that includes synth strings and wordless vocals to soothe and refine. Horowitz brings us a sunny day with mild temperatures to enjoy at our leisure.”

– Jim Santella, LA Jazz Scene Magazine, September 2006